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23.04.99 - information about famous Russian scientist Y.V. Kondratuk was added to English version of the site.

12.04.99 - the luceum Birthday! It turned 11 years old.

27.03.99 - 5 students went to Moscow to participate in the conference "Space-99" and enter Moscow State Technical Univercity. All 5 have been successfully accepted into MSTU. Congratulation!

6.03.99 - 3 students presented the File Manager software created by them on the Conference held by Association of Lyceums and Gimnasiums. Were awarded the Diploma of the Conference.

February 1999 - our School was awarded the jubilee Medal, issued by the Ukrainian Aerospace Society in 1998 to the 100'd Anniversary of Kondratyuk.

On the celebration of 5th anniversary of the Kondratyuk's Scientific and memorial center, the Principal V. Bosykh and Deputy principal Shlyaifert B. were awarded the Medal after Gagarin, issued by the Association of space museums in Russia.

14.01.99 - Misha Feldman, now 11-grade student, presented his report on Kondratyuk on the conference "Space-99" held in Moscow, and was given a Diploma.

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