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The life in our school

The lyceum works 5 days per week (Monday through Friday). Studying is based on the special curriculum. Talented teachers develop their own programs where every student receives the most of the subject.

During the school year, the students not only study in classes, but also participate in the following activities:

Every year students participate in different conferences, olympiads, and competitions of different levels - from city to worldwide.

The lyceum has nice traditions. Children are going to different sport sections, some go into dancing club, other play in the Theatre. Among the students there are even those who jump with parachute!

Planers, deltaplanes, aviamodeling - these are some activities that the students participate in.

As the time permits, the telecommunication projects get done.

In the Lyceum there is a Scientific Society.

The Schoolpaper is another deal. You can read first 6 issues on our site (in Russian only), and the issue number 7 is already in school.

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