Novosibirsk Aerospace Lyceum is named after Y.V. Kondratyuk - a famous Russian scientist. It's a municipal institution of high education.

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The lyceum was founded to promote a high level of education along with maintaining an atmosphere of cooperation and friendship between teachers and students. The students are being prepared to choose their future occupation on the basis of what they saw and learned here. They study some special subjects as well as general ones.

There's a road
Going from the school's door.
We have chosen the road
Far away, into space.

Much is unclear there -
Let's discover it,
And when the ... comes,
We will have something to recall...

On Aug, 15, 1990, the Novosibirsk Aerospace School # 98 was granted a status of Lyceum. The school is working in cooperation with Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, and with Novosibirsk State Technical University.

240 students, grades 8-11, study in 12 classes.

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