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Aerospace Lyceum Administration

Vladimir V.

The Principal

Phone.: (3832) 18-63-98, 77-21-23
e-mail: vvb@akl.nsu.ru

One of those who founded the Novosibirsk Aerospace Lyceum in 1988. School Principal since the very beginning.
Graduated from Physical Department of Moscow State Pedagogical University. His professional carrier began in 1969, when he started teaching physics in Novosibirsk School #113. Then he worked as a teacher of physics in the college and technical lyceum in the country of Chad. Years later, he became deputy principal, principal of secondary school, and worked in Novosibirsk Regional Department of Education.
Boris A.
Deputy Principal for PreProferrinal education
Phone: (3832) 77-06-41, 77-21-23
e-mail: bas@akl.nsu.ru
Graduated from Military Engineering Academy (University) named after N.E. Zhukovskii. Spent 34 years in the Soviet Army Aviation. He has a 12-year experience of working in school, and within these years - 10 years in Aerospace Lyceum.
Manager and Teacher of Highest Category.
Olga I.
Deputy Principle for training.
Phone: (3832) 77-06-41, 77-21-23
e-mail: shastina@akl.nsu.ru

Fedor P.
But -
Deputy Principle for Scientific Work
Phone.: (3832) 77-06-41, 77-21-23
e-mail: but@akl.nsu.ru
He is a teacher of the Highest Category in "Principles of Scheme Drawing"

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